Why We Love Wool

It's Natural

Wool is a natural fibre grown on the backs of sheep. It's well known for being an effective and popular choice for all-weather protection, and such properties have not yet been able to be replicated with man made fibres.

It's Biodegradable & Renewable

Wool is renewable as it continuously grows on sheep and can be sheered countless times within a sheep's lifetime without harming the sheep. And it's biodegradable! It will decompose and return nutrients back to the soil.

Adaptable & Comfortable

Wool has unique, natural properties that allow it to breathe while you wear it, keeps you warm when it's cold and keeps you cool when it's warm.

Environmentally Friendly

Because wool is an all natural fibre that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, you can rest easy knowing that the wool in your wardrobe and eco-friendly!
At Grey Rock, we make a point of carrying as many natural fibres and products in store as possible, and nothing beats the coziness and comfort of wool products in our Canadian winters! We love wool for all of the reasons listed above, but it is important that we consider the welfare of the sheep that that produce this miraculous fibre. That's why we work with suppliers who use non-mulesed, recycled, or otherwise ethically sourced wool in all of their products. Stay cozy and feel good doing it!

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