Why We Love TENCEL

Strong & Gentle

TENCEL Lyocell is known for its strength, efficient moisture absorption, and gentle touch to the skin.


TENCEL Lyocell is a delightfully versatile fabric and can be combined with other fibres such as cotton, polyester, wool and silk to combine to the unique properties and benefits.

Responsibly & Sustainably Sourced

TENCEL branded fibres are produced through environmentally conscious processes from responsibly sourced and renewable wood materials.

Rich in Benefits

TENCEL boasts a huge number of features & benefits, such as; naturally sourced, sustainable production, gentle on skin, long-lasting, breathable, and biodegradable.
TENCEL is a fibre that gives us a bit of everything we love! At Grey Rock, we are always talking about how much we love versatility, comfort, and sustainability, and TENCEL checks all of these boxes and more! Derived from responsibly sourced and renewably farmed wood pulp, TENCEL is a naturally derived and environmentally friendly fibre. Strong and durable, yet irresistibly soft and gentle. Blended with a number of different fibres, TENCEL lends these unique properties to these combinations to create an even greater fibre. Shop TENCEL and learn for yourself how fantastic this fabric is!


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