Why We Love Recycled Polyester

Less Petroleum in Our Clothing

Polyester is a petroleum product. By using recycled polyester we are reducing our dependence of petroleum in the textile industry.

Less Plastic in Our Landfills

Recycling PET plastic bottles into textiles reduces landfill, resulting in reduction of soil and water contamination.


Garments made from recycled polyester are recyclable themselves, leading to a closed loop system.
At Grey Rock, it is always a priority to recycle, make use of recycled materials, do our part in reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and work with suppliers that share these values. That's why we love recycled polyester so much! With recycled polyester styles, you get all the benefits of polyester clothing such as its wrinkle resistance, ability to retain its shape, its stain resistance, and its durability, all the while reducing the environmental impact of polyester in garment manufacturing. When blended with other fibres, recycled polyester lends these desirable benefits and helps extend the supply chain of natural fibres that are often harder to source. Let's all do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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