Why We Love Organic Cotton

Improved Soil Health

Improved soil health by practicing regular crop rotation. Replenishes & maintains soil fertility.

Grown Without Pesticides

Grown without the use of insecticides or fungicides. No GMO Seeds. Promotes biologically diverse agriculture.

Safe Working Conditions

Limited exposure to chemical pesticides for farmers, and a cleaner & safer end product for the consumer (you!).

High Quality Products

Growing Organic Cotton is a more expensive & time consuming process than standard cotton, so comes at a higher price. This results in premium treatment of the Organic product used in higher quality manufacturing.
Organic Cotton is one of our favourite fibres at Grey Rock because it has all of the benefits that have made cotton so popular, while being immensely more environmentally friendly and safe for cotton farmers. It is not easy to be certified organic. There are significant requirements that must be met throughout the entirety of the production process to ensure that these plants are, in fact, grown organically. You can rest assured when you purchase Organic Cotton products that you are supporting and contributing to the positive change that organic farming encourages, and feel good having this natural fibre close to your skin.

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