Why We Love Linen

Incredible Durability

Linen is an incredibly strong fibre, known as being one of the strongest of all natural fibres. You can rest assured that your will be wearing your linen styles summer after summer, year after year!

Lightweight, Breathable & Absorbent

Linen fibres are hollow, which naturally allows greater breathability over your skin. Linen is the perfect fibre for sunny days and beach getaways!

It's All Natural

Linen comes from flax plants, which are incredibly hardy and can grow in poor soil conditions. It has a considerably lower environmental impact that cotton, and almost all parts of the flax plants are used, minimizing waste.
We LOVE Linen, not only because it's such a luxurious and forgiving fabric, but because of how sustainable and multi functional it is! Having a notably smaller environmental impact than cotton, reduced plant waste, and natural strengths such as its absorbent and natural insect repelling capabilities, linen offers a lot of versatility. Linen is beautiful and strong, so you will confidently be wearing your favourite linen styles for years to come!

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