Why We Love Hemp

Environmentally Friendly Farming

Hemp farming uses half as much water as cotton farming, does not require the use of pesticides, and nothing is wasted in the production of hemp. The seeds are used for oil and food supplements, and the stalks are used for fibre.

Strong & Enduring

Hemp is an extremely strong and durable fibre with 3x the tensile strength of cotton. It is UV and mold resistant, making it ideal for outdoor wear.


Hemp is a versatile fibre that lends it's beneficial properties when blended with other fibres. Look for hemp/cotton blends or hemp/silk blends for added comfort.


Due to it's minimal growth requirements, hemp is less expensive to farm than alternative fibres.
We are constantly talking about how much we love versatility at Grey Rock. We love versatile styles that you can wear any day for any occasion, and we love fibres that live up to this as well. That is why Hemp is such a incredible option, and one of our favourites! It lends its beneficial properties, such as its strength and mold resistance, even when blended with other fibres to create fantastic combinations. Look for hemp blends with cotton, silk, recycled polyester and more! You can wear these fabrics no matter your lifestyle, and feel good doing so knowing hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres used in garment manufacturing!

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