Introducing Sid Dickens


Grey Rock is so proud to introduce you to a company we have followed and collected for many years.

Sid Dickens Inc. is a Vancouver, BC design and manufacturing company renowned for its craftsmanship and unique decorative tiles named Memory Blocks. 


The Memory Blocks are made by local artisans using the distinctive ingredients of porcelain-like plaster, ingeniously combined with time and patience.  Each Memory Block is hand-crafted and passes  through about five different artisans before being completed. The Memory Blocks each have a different meaning, either singly or in a grouping, they are a gorgeous collection.

Due to the handmade nature of the tiles, each piece will have slight individual differences, making each Memory Block a unique work of art.

The company's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on a simple principle: that Sid Dickens Inc. will make a positive difference to its people, the environment, and the communities in which it works. Sid Dickens Inc. strives to create responsible objects that last a lifetime and become part of people's legacy.

To learn more about the production methods visit

A common thread links all of Sid Dickens Inc.'s work:
valuing permanence and sustainability and discarding
the disposable mindset so prevalent today.

Pop into Grey Rock soon to check out these gorgeous new additions to the store.  They make fantastic gifts, either for yourself or someone special in your life.

Gift Ideas for the Difficult to Buy For

Struggling to find a gift for that "Difficult to Buy For" person in your life? We have a few ideas for you!

Photo 2018-11-07, 3 35 01 PM.jpg

Our Basha Boutique Kantha Throws are each one-of-a-kind, meaningful, and versatile. Made from reclaimed saris by at risk women in Bangladesh, the purchase of these blankets make a direct difference in the lives of their creators and comes with a beautiful story!

Everyone loves a good pair of fun and comfy socks, and we have plenty of options to choose from! From United by Blue's nature inspired prints and tones, to Conscious Step's colourful variation and meaningful social impact, we have a sock that's perfect for the difficult to buy for in your life!


The Lucky Iron Fish is a iron supplement alternative that began right here in Guelph! These cast iron fish are a simple cooking tool that provides a portion of your daily iron intake. For every fish purchased, one is donated to a family in need!

We carry a variety of scarves and ponchos, in both neutral tones to colourful patterns, one size fits all! Let's take the size guessing game out of the equation altogether!

We also carry Farmer’s Son Co candles in a variety of delicious fragrances! Festive specials and classic scents, these soy candles are hand poured and burn clean. An easy gift for anyone!

If you're really unsure, you can always give them the gift of picking what they want for themselves! We always have gift cards available for purchase at any denomination.

The Benefits of Hemp

Hemp plant.

Hemp is an incredible crop that probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It has many advantages as a fiber for clothing manufacturing, and you may notice seeing more and more hemp garments popping up in store. Why is this plant so advantageous?

Hemp clothing is lightweight and absorbent, as well as being UV and mold resistant. This makes it an ideal material for the outdoors adventurer, someone with an active lifestyle, or even simply someone who doesn’t want to worry about high maintenance clothing care. Additionally, hemp clothing has 3x the tensile strength of cotton, meaning that hemp garments can survive a fair bit of wear and tear.

Economically speaking, hemp has another advantage. It is a quick growing crop that can be harvested and renewed two to three times a year and requires minimal growing requirements. As a result, hemp is a comparatively cost-effective crop. It requires half as much water as cotton to farm, does not require chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is readily and easily renewable making hemp an environmentally friendly crop. Furthermore, all components of the hemp plant are usable, helping reduce waste; the seeds are used for hemp oil and food supplements, and the stalks for fiber.

Hemp is essentially a super plant. Check out some of our hemp garments next time you’re in store and see for yourself!

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