Introducing Sokoloff Lingerie


Finally, a beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable solution for women's underwear; introducing Sokoloff Lingerie!

Sokoloff Lingerie is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada. With a focus on women's natural beauty and comfort, Sokoloff creates lingerie for practical life with a flair of sexy.  The Green Basics line offers organic cotton and organic bamboo options, with recycled materials used for the elastic components. Sokoloff checks all the boxes; sustainable fibres, ethical manufacturing, and gorgeous design! Check them out in store today!

Who Made My...PACT

We find ourselves telling the story’s of our Maker’s often within our brick and mortar location, to customers, to one another, to just about anyone that will listen. It’s exciting for us, we’ve worked to find suppliers whose stories we are proud of in this way.  It's creativity and craftsmanship we can’t help but point out because we want you to experience what we feel seasonally as they have developed as companies, and again every time we receive a brown box full of clothes in the mail. We don’t want to lose that part of ourselves online, when you’re not walking through our shop door, so we’re starting a series of blog posts entitled Who Made My.  These posts will speak in greater detail about the efforts of the company’s that we work with and why they together, inspire us to do.

"Robots don't make your clothing, people do.The most powerful opportunity for social impact is to support the workers who make our product."- Jeff Denby, Co-Founder of PACT

PACT is one of the most recognizable brands in our store, and this is probably mostly due to the fact that it's the product we have the most anecdotes to tell about. These anecdotes all involve pairs of men's boxer briefs and the reactions that come from putting a pair on, which admittedly sounds pretty out there. However, If you'd like your own fun underwear story we highly recommend buying a pair for yourself, your signficant other, or a close personal friend. You can shop our selection here.     

PACT is far more then just socks, skivvies and shorts that make a great conversation piece, both humorously and comfort-wise. The company was created by Jeff Denby who spent years working in international manufacturing with questionable working conditions and environmental policies. Their eco-concept supply chain is sustainable by design. Farmer-run cooperatives plant non-GMO cotton seeds and harvest by hand, without pesticides or fertilizers. Socks are knit using wind powered factories, while composted rice husks fuel apparel production. Fair Trade and GOTS certification insures that the employees of these factories are paid a fair wage, work under safe conditions, and that their work benefits their communities' stability. Their packaging is made from recycled paper products originating in forests that are managed with future growth in mind, and printed on with vegetable inks so that their packaging might be currently recycled again, by you. 

Our baby line from PACT is currently only available in our physical store location. Please  send us a note  if you are interested in any of the pieces seen here or others that we may have! We can mail them to you.

Our baby line from PACT is currently only available in our physical store location. Please send us a note if you are interested in any of the pieces seen here or others that we may have! We can mail them to you.

PACT's involvement with the third-party organizations that insure they are holding themselves to their social and environmental philosophies, is continuous. There are select few other company's that have earned as many best of global standards in industry certifications, as they have been awarded. They are B Corp Certified - B corp is an organization that evaluates a company based on their supply chain transparency, operational accountability and how the effective impact of their best practices. SA 8000 Certification holds them to additional fair labor verification and OEKO-TEX 100 tests their raw materials and end products for harmful chemicals and toxicity.

This infographic image is supplied to us, by PACT. 

This infographic image is supplied to us, by PACT. 

If you would like more information on PACT, leave us a comment below and we'd be happy to answer your questions or find out the answer for you! A selection of our PACT products can be found under  Women's Intimates, Women's BasicsMen's Sock and Underwear, and Men's Basics on our website.