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New at Grey Rock: 1 fab co-op student & 1 sleek online store.

Hey there, my name is Alison Kennedy. I'm the new co-op student at Grey Rock Clothing Co. I started working with Beth and Kaitlyn in late September and it's been a journey of merchandising, taking photographs, helping customers and working on our new recently launched online store.

It's been a pretty fun ride, Beth has taught me a lot about owning a store and the impact the clothing has in the countries they originate. She is also a huge help when it comes to my International Business class. Let me tell you if you want to hear that lady get really passionate bring up the topic of China as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. I got a whole report out of a 15 minute conversation with her.

Two weeks into my co-op I helped Beth turn over inventory in the store. It's amazing to see that by adding only a few new pieces how different a store can look once you've moved a few things around and changed the displays. It was a great experience to collaborate with her and hear her opinions on my ideas for the displays.

Another thing I've been doing at Grey Rock is taking photographs for the new sleeker online store that we re-launched Oct. 16th.  Through trial and error I’ve realized that even though I can get a decent shot of the clothing, I should never pursue a career in photography. We’re really proud of the new website and online store. It has a great look and feel, and is really easy to use. You can check out the women's store here shop women's  and the men's store here shop men's.

While you're scrolling through and falling in love with all the clothing, also imagine walking through a field of clouds, kittens and cotton (organic cotton that is) and you might just get a small understanding of how incredibly soft and comfortable all the clothes are. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend has never met internet shopping.