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What to Wear to a Photo Shoot

One of the things I love about owning a clothing store is helping people look their best, especially for a special event or occasion. These kinds of events are what tend to bring customers in feeling unsure of what to wear to them.

I’ve found one of the things that brings people in to get help putting an outfit together for is a photo shoot. It can be a photo shoot for anything but tends to be more engagement photos.

So with that in mind we decided to pair up with McCormick Photography to come up with some tips for choosing the right photo shoot outfits for you:

  1. Don’t dress too “matchy”- You want to look like you belong in the same picture as the other person/people, but not like you’re part of a pop group. So no jeans with everyone in the same coloured top.You can do this by choosing clothing in similar colour tones/families. To simplify everyone should either wear warm colours (ex. cream, brown, rust, berry) or cool colours (ex. white, black, red, teal).  You should also have the same level of “dressiness” to your outfit.  If you look like you’ve just stepped out of the same clothing ad in a magazine you’ve nailed this part of it.  

  2. Go for timeless not trendy- What may seem on trend now probably won’t seem that way in say 10 years. Try to choose neutral and classic colours (ex. cream, grey, white, black, brown, denim, navy blue and red). Then add some pops of colour and style with accessories. This could be some fun socks for men or a statement necklace or belt for women. Following these guidelines will mean you’ll be happier with your outfit choices for longer.

  3. Bring 2 different outfits to the shoot- You’ll probably have at least two different locations or backgrounds for your shoot, so having a couple outfit choices to pair with each is a good idea. Choose outfits you can change into easily and that won’t wreck your hair or makeup while you’re changing. Women should have 2 different shoe choices, one pair of flats and one pair of heels are good choices and will leave you ready for a variety of situations.

  4. Don’t match your background- You are the star of the show at your photo shoot. Choosing clothes that pop against your background will make that apparent. For example if you’re planning some amazing fall leaves in the background don’t wear reds and oranges. You want to stand out against your background, not blend into it. Instead choose other warm colours like creams and browns. 

  5. Don’t forget the basics- They can either make an outfit look polished or not. Your clothing should be in great shape.This means no stains, holes or wrinkles. You can prevent wrinkles by not putting on your photo shoot outfit until you arrive at your location.  Make sure your shoes are clean and scuff free. Under no circumstances should men wear white socks. If men are wearing a nice shirt it should be tucked in with a belt.

  6. Choose something you’re comfortable in- This is probably the most important point. These pictures should show your personality. That won’t come through if you’re wearing something you just don’t feel comfortable in. That means if you never/rarely wear heels or a dress for example, don’t start now. Your outfits should be clothes you love and a representation of who you are.

The overall experience should be an enjoyable one. The more you can relax and be yourselves the more your personality will come through in your pictures.

We'd like to give a huge thanks to our models, and to McCormick Photography for working with us on these tips and taking some great pictures to go with them. 

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what to wear to a photo shoot