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Grad Season is Coming Up!

The University of Guelph graduation is only a couple weeks away, and we have some gift ideas for the graduates in your life!

Flat lay featuring Sid Dickens Griffin memory block and Bash Boutique kantha throw.

Sid Dickens memory blocks each have a unique symbolic meaning, are beautiful timeless pieces. For any University of Guelph graduates, the tile featuring the Gryphon is an incredible gift. Signifying resilience, fortitude, courage and strength, this piece stands as recognition of their effort and success. Whether it is the start of a collection, a continuation of one, or a stand alone piece, these decorative tiles are perfect gifts! Basha Boutique kantha throws are each completely one of a kind, colourful, and signed by the women who made them! Made from 8 layers of vintage cotton saris, each throw is colourful and imbued with meaning. 

Spirit of Vera jewellery is made from 100% reclaimed silver and is made right here in Ontario! The pieces are gorgeous and subtle, working for every occasion or even everyday wear. Stacking rings, geometric earrings, and artful necklaces, there is something for everyone!

Rok Cork, one of the newest additions to Grey Rock, are accessories are made from gorgeous, high quality Portuguese cork and offer sturdy and beautiful designs made from natural materials! These pieces are unique, interesting, practical, and are fantastic conversation pieces! We carry a variety of styles in store!

Looking for a classic gift for a gentleman grad? We carry quality leather belts and wallets hand made in Guatemala! Each one is a little different, making it that much more special! And of course, we offer a large variety of ethical clothing options for all the conscience minded dressers in your life!

Rok Cork Carminda Tote Bag in natural gold.

With so much to choose from, you will certainly find the perfect gift to commemorate grad 2019! Pop by the store and feel free to ask us for any assistance finding exactly what you’re looking for!

Introducing Sid Dickens


Grey Rock is so proud to introduce you to a company we have followed and collected for many years.

Sid Dickens Inc. is a Vancouver, BC design and manufacturing company renowned for its craftsmanship and unique decorative tiles named Memory Blocks. 


The Memory Blocks are made by local artisans using the distinctive ingredients of porcelain-like plaster, ingeniously combined with time and patience.  Each Memory Block is hand-crafted and passes  through about five different artisans before being completed. The Memory Blocks each have a different meaning, either singly or in a grouping, they are a gorgeous collection.

Due to the handmade nature of the tiles, each piece will have slight individual differences, making each Memory Block a unique work of art.

The company's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on a simple principle: that Sid Dickens Inc. will make a positive difference to its people, the environment, and the communities in which it works. Sid Dickens Inc. strives to create responsible objects that last a lifetime and become part of people's legacy.

To learn more about the production methods visit

A common thread links all of Sid Dickens Inc.'s work:
valuing permanence and sustainability and discarding
the disposable mindset so prevalent today.

Pop into Grey Rock soon to check out these gorgeous new additions to the store.  They make fantastic gifts, either for yourself or someone special in your life.