fashion love letter

Dear Patagonia 3 in 1 Jacket,

Patagonia 3 in 1 Jacket Inner Lined Jacket.

I don’t want to come across too strong as I know we both thought we would be seeing less of each other right now.   I knew we had an instant connection the first time we took a walk outside. It did not matter what was thrown at us; Wind, Snow, Rain (and sometimes all at once) you had me covered!  When it started to get warmer you were very flexible and came out of your shell, and with that I also became more comfortable. I must apologize for my buddy Dave… he feels bad for spilling his beer on you, but was also very impressed how you cleaned up so well.  I am looking forward to spending much more time with you, but please not again until next winter!


Dear Yoga Jeans

Yoga Jeans, Rachel Skinny in Dark Grey.

My love for you began over 4 years ago.  You have been there for everyday events from days at work to afternoons spent gardening and even dinners out.  You've been my faithful travel companion as you are comfortable and easy to care for.  I have many of you, in different colors and weights (depending upon the season).  That doesn't make you any less special but rather indicates how dependent I have become on you.  You offer style, ease of wear (stretchiness), easy going casualness as well as the option to dress you up and take you out.  Thanks for being my "go to" item in my closet!


Dearest Long Checkered Oxford Shirt,

Meemoza Long Oxford Blouse in checkerboard.

It may seem silly that I love you, a shirt, so dearly, but you've managed to integrate yourself so wholly into my life and wardrobe! Your black and white checked pattern is fun yet classic. I love wearing you over a pair of leggings, basking in the leisurely comfort you provide. And yet, when I need to to put on a more professional or dressy front, I slip you under another shirt, pop your collar out and roll up my sleeves and you make me look entirely put together in just a few short steps! You're versatile, flexible, simple and beautiful, and you make me all these things too.

Oh, my dearest long checkered Oxford shirt, I will wear you until you are in tatters upon my shoulders.

Love you long time,