Sharing Stories Week 3 - Shop Local!


Hello everyone!

This holiday season at Grey Rock, we are sharing some of our stories with you. They are the driving force behind why WE do what we do and, frankly, at this time of year when the days are shorter and the weather is gross, we all need a bit more feel-good moments!

This week we wanted to focus on support our local, homegrown brands and designers. These Ontario companies are doing some amazing things around the world and also right here at home in our communities. 

When you shop local and support home grown brands, an actual person does a happy dance. So when you are looking for gifts or stocking stuffers this holiday season, keep these brands in mind!

Come by the store to check them off your list today!

See you all again soon.

-The Grey Rock Team

Lucky Iron Fish

This fish is making a splash around the word! A company that was started by two students at the University of Guelph, The Lucky Iron Fish was designed as a simple solution to prevent iron deficiency and are made in two production sites: one in Bowmanville, Ontario and the other in Pune, India! 

The shape of the fish was inspired by Cambodian culture, where fish are a symbol of hope and luck. The original research for the product took place in Cambodia, where there is a high rate of anemia due to a diet low in iron. 

The company now operates using a "BOGO" model: a buy-one-give-one social enterprise. When you purchase a Lucky Iron Fish, one is donated to a family in need in either Cambodia or India. 

The fish makes an amazing gift for anyone on your Christmas list! They are just $30 and are a safe, gentle source of iron. They are especially great for vegans, vegetarians, or others who may struggle with anemia or an iron deficiency in their diet. 

To use, simply boil the fish in 1 litre of water with 2-3 drops of lemon juice (or other form of acidity) for 10 minutes then remove. You can then wait for the water to cool and drink, or add your other ingredients (veggies, pasta, rice, etc.) as part of your meal. The fish lasts up to five years and gives approximately 75% of the recommended daily dose of iron with each use. 

lucky iron fish.PNG
lucky iron fish 2.PNG

Rae Designs

This jewellery line is made by Julianne Rae Plewes in Toronto, Ontario and is a recent addition to our Grey Rock family! Julianne is passionate about making one-of-a-kind, unique and "outside the box" items. 


At Grey Rock, we carry her line of laser-cut wooden earrings and necklaces made from antique coins. The wood for the earrings is made with leftover scraps from a Toronto-based architecture firm that would otherwise be waste. So not only are they made with upcycled materials, but with our request, she has been also able to sustainably and ethically source all of the metal finishing pieces to ensure her pieces are all sweatshop-free. 

These pieces are not only high quality, but are very reasonably priced, making them a great and easy gift for some of ladies on your list this year. Come and try on some of Julianne's pieces today! 



This company is not only a fellow B-Corporation, but they are also from Guelph, Ontario! That is about as local as you can get. :) Cupanion focuses on developing products that are stylish, easy to use and reliable, and that also make you feel great about contributing to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

They are committed to helping the planet and communities in need, which is why they created the Fill it Forward initiative to help the nearly one billion people that are living without clean water. With each reusable bottle sold, Cupanion gives the same amount of clean water to a person in need.


In store, we carry their Smart Cupanion Vacuum Insulated Bottle that can be used for either hot or cold liquids. It works incredibly well and we can vouch that from personal experience, your tea will stay warm for over 8 hours! 

We also have their Confident Cupanion Double Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle in store, which is great for everyday use! The eco-friendly, durable solution to help you make sure a cold drink of water is never far from arms reach. 

Both bottles are under $30, making them very budget-friendly gifts and yes - they will also fit as a stocking stuffer! Our stock is limited, so make sure to pick one up today!