Sharing Stories Final Week - Upcycled & Recycled!


Hello everyone!

This week is the final week of our holiday season series of sharing some of our Grey Rock stories with you. The stories behind our brands are the driving force behind why WE do what we do and, frankly, at this time of year when the days are shorter and the weather is gross, we all need a bit more feel-good moments!

This week we wanted to focus on the brands in store that use upcycled and recycled content. If you aren't familiar with the term, upcycling is when discarded objects or materials that would otherwise be waste are reused or repurposed in a way that creates a product of higher quality or value than the original. It gives an item a second chance at life and avoids sending materials to the landfill. 

Recycling, when it comes to fashion, means reusing textiles or textile material to rework them into new styles or fabrics. 

Both techniques are incredibly environmentally friendly and help to reduce waste. We wanted to feature some of the brands in store that use upcycled and recycled materials this week, because they make great gifts for the eco-conscious loved one on your list or for that special someone who has a flair for being unique! Upcycled items are often one-of-a-kind.

Thank you for being part of our story this holiday season. We hope you get to spend some time this week with friends and family, creating memories and stories of your own. 

See you all in the new year!
-The Grey Rock Team

embody clothing.jpg

Embody Clothing

We love local brands and this one is SUPER local - they are from Guelph! 

EMBODY is a line of funky Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuse elegant and edgy styles with function. The designer Tara White strives to green all aspects of her business and challenges consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion and choose their own identity. She creates unique garments out of recycled materials that encompass many different genres. The mission is to make women feel confident, comfortable, and to bring out the your individual personality.

During the holiday season, we carry Embody mittens, scarves, and headbands in store. They are cozy, warm, and make a great gift for last minute shoppers! 

fred and bean blazer.jpg

Fred & Bean

This brand is another local gem, made by designer Kat Palmer in Arthur, Ontario. 

Kat uses upcycled materials and fabrics to create amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to fit women of all different shapes and sizes. Her most popular items in store are the amazingly comfy Blanket Vests, which are made from actual upcycled blankets, and Six-way Scarves, which are made from upcycled scarves and pashminas. Both items are incredibly versatile and give new life to the items you already have in your closet! They are a great way to pull any outfit together and are a great gift for any stylish woman on your list (especially because they are one-size fits all - goodbye awkward gift-giving fails!).

sanci jewelry.jpg

Sanci Creations

This brand (pronounced san-chi) is created and handcrafted in Toronto. Sanci is the designer's Croatian nickname and she believes that jewellery is more than just something you wear - it is something you talk about, something that represents a current place in your life. Each piece is made by hand and is of limited quality - no mass production here!

Sanci also embraces imperfection as a thing of beauty in her pieces and she intends them to have a more unique appearance so that they do not look perfectly stamped out by a machine. 

She uses material acquired from a Canadian supplier who recycles silver from sources such as silverware and electronic equipment which is helping to reduce the amount of waste heading to Canadian landfills.

These pieces are sure to elicit a smile from whoever receives them. Come in and try on some of her pieces today! Our favourite - the silver tear drop necklace or "Goal-Digger" bracelet. We love them!