First Words From Lynda



I am thrilled and excited to be able to introduce myself as the new owner of Grey Rock Clothing Co. Beth and I have worked hard over the past few months to bring this dream of mine to fruition. She has provided fantastic guidance during the ownership transition and will continue to be in the store over the next few weeks to support and mentor. I thank her, and wish her and Joel all the best as they begin their new adventure.

As for me, everyone has been asking where I’m from, what my background is, why I made this decision. Well, it’s interesting to reflect on that.  

I was born and raised in Alberta, my family and I moved to Guelph 4 years ago. We were looking for a vibrant city with a dynamic downtown core that we could walk to from our home...age and character were important, plus a strong sense of community. We took a leap of faith and bought our home “sight-unseen, no-conditions” based on rave reviews from our real estate agent and extensive internet research. Guelph has far exceeded anything we could have wished for. We have been embraced by a tight knit community, and we have true pride in being able to call Guelph home.

I have wanted to have my own store for many, many years but I wasn’t sure what kind of store and frankly - I was scared to death. I had a true lightbulb moment this spring as I was helping my daughter plan her wedding.

The decision was made to have a local wedding, and use as many independent boutiques in downtown Guelph as possible. One particular downtown shoppe experience caused me to leave the store and remark to my husband, “That’s what I want to do. I want to provide a service that makes a difference in someone’s life”. A few weeks later, I come across the Grey Rock opportunity for a New Owner! I had previously shopped in the store (mostly when my daughters visited and I wanted to buy them something meaningful) and immediately knew that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for.

I want to reassure you that the collection of carefully selected clothing choices won’t change. I will continue to work with the same suppliers, while also researching other options that meet Grey Rock’s core values of being sweatshop free, ethical, sustainable and fashionable.  

I look forward to building relationships with the people who make Grey Rock such a success (from loyal customers, supporting downtown businesses, carefully selected designers, ethical suppliers and last but certainly not least the Grey Rock Team - Courtney and Dallas).  

I invite you to drop by next time you’re downtown.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

Lynda Baker


Grey Rock Clothing Co.