Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood? Meet Mehreen!


"Guelph - People That Care."

We are avid coffee and tea drinkers here at Grey Rock. When we heard that Grosche International was coming to town, we couldn't be more excited. Then when we found out that they are a fellow B Corp, we may have jumped out of our caffeinated jitters! We couldn't think of a better way to introduce you to this amazing new B Corp than by welcome Mehreen to our lookbook. Mehreen and her husband started their business out of their home in Cambridge over 10 years ago. Not only do they carry a deliciously energizing (and sometimes calming) selection of teas and coffees, but also all of the gadgets you need to make the best cup of jo in town. 

So for those of us that are new fans of Grosche, can you tell us a bit of the story behind why you started your business? 

Every company is driven by their own vision and mission. Most companies are driven by the singular pursuit of profit, with only laws to govern their actions. This singular pursuit of profit sometimes results in damage to our environment, society, and in the long run, even the companies themselves. We believe business should, "do well by doing good." That is why my husband and I started this business 10 years ago to share our passion for tea and coffee and our desire to help those in need

What have you loved so far about having a Grosche location in our lovely downtown Guelph?

What we love most about having our store in downtown Guelph is the diverse culture of this wonderful town and the friendly and open people who have given us and our mission a warm welcome. Also Guelph has the highest concentration of BCorps in Canada and is a great place to make new friends like Grey Rock!