Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood? Meet Katherine!

"Guelph: giving, green, and yours to grow."

After Saturday morning market once and awhile, we are greeted by the calmingly poised Katherine. A Grade Five teacher at Brant Ave. Public School, we have always admired how Katherine engages with her students about their community. Recently, we've been inspired by her pursuit of healthy living on her instagram, gojrunner. From her run at Seawheeze in Vancouver to everyday vegan posts, we love seeing what Katherine is coming up with. 

So behind every great teacher is a story behind why they got into teaching. What is yours? 

Teaching is my second career. I got into teaching because I wanted to act on my interest to contribute to and make a difference in the world. After spending time volunteering with an organization in Guelph, I solidified this plan and decided to go back to teacher's college and start the journey to a new career. I always love learning and wanted to pass this on to children in a sincere and authentic way. I am a lifelong learner and working with my student we learn together everyday. Kindness is an important part of my classroom and it is so rewarding to foster this in future citizens. 

With teaching Gr. 5, why do you think it's important to engage students at a young age about world issues and what they can do to change them? 

I think it is important to engage students at a young age about world issues and what they can do to change them because they are part of our global community. In our classroom, we learn about issues happening in our world and students are given background knowledge where they can guide their learning by asking questions and finding answers and usually discover they want to keep asking and learning. It is interesting to them that they know what is happening in the world and can share their opinions. It is also very empowering and engaging for students to see what their role can be in changing these issues. This second part of understanding what they can do to change issues is very engaging and empowering, and develops the student's understanding and commitment to being a global citizen. 

If you could give Guelph the perfect slogan... What would it be? 

Guelph: giving, green, and yours to grow.

Why/what do you love about being involved in Guelph? 

I love being involved in Guelph because it is wonderful to a part of a community. Being involved and active builds relationships and a sense of responsibility for your community members and to myself. There are so many great things about Guelph. 

If you could give yourself advice when you first started working in your community, what would you tell yourself? 

I would tell myself to explore what you are interested in. There are a many things that I am passionate about: nourishing food, being physically active, and being in nature are a few of these things. I share these interests without the expectation others will be in interested in them too, but because they are my passions. Explore your interests, not because you want them to interest others, but because they inspire you. What an interesting community this builds!