Dress Up, Dress Down: Day-to-Night Wardrobe

Scenario: You've finished work with no time to change before summer evening festivities begin. What do you do?

It's the worst. You've been out all day and are about to head off for fun night with your partner and friends. You feel the day wearing upon you, and wonder if everyone else can, too. Even working at a clothing store, we know the struggle all too well. So at Grey Rock, we thought why not show you how to take the day look you've been working to evening chic with a few tricks of the trade? 

Tip #1: Let the outfit do the talking

An easy way to rock a good day-to-night outfit is finding pieces that are unique designed and full of flare. Our first look features Atelier B.'s beautifully designed linen romper. With cap sleeves and almost at-the-knee coverage, this piece is perfect for staying cool while rocking an office-chic look. This look transitions well because the tailoring is perfect for a professional, composed office look, but the romper keeps it fun and youthful for the evening. For day, we paired this with simple cross earrings, as the romper itself is the statement of the look. But for night, why not switch it up with a cute pair of heels and maybe some beaded earrings?

Tip #2: Show Some Skin. 

If you feel comfortable enough to do so, planning an outfit that looks good with and without a blazer or cardigan is an easy transition from day-to-night. We've paired our Atelier B. Linen dress with our Echo Verde Bolero. The Bolero provides the coverage we need during the day at work, but when removed, the feminine, retro flare of the dress adds the interest we need for an evening outfit. 

Tip #3: Shake up the Accessories 

Another fantastic way to avoid feeling like you need a wardrobe change is packing some extra accessories. A quick change from a scarf to statement pieces like a bracelet and necklace can easily take a look from day-to-night. This is also a great space saver as often these pieces can fit in your purse. We even recommend keeping a few accessories at work so you can quickly make the change to evening if need be. 

Tip for the guys: Rock the funky tee as your undershirt. 

Just like superman, you can rock a secret under your work shirt. Wearing a graphic tee as an undershirt means that dressing to go out for the evening is as simple as unbuttoning your shirt to show what's underneath. Here, we've shown a work style where you could wear a bow-tie with our Patagonia Bluffside shirt. Pairing this with a twill pant keeps the look dressy, but the cotton will keep you cool come your break out from the office. Then when you're ready to hit the pub, just take off the bow tie and rock the wicked tee underneath.