Father's Day Gift Guide: Our Little Guide For Pops

"You can tell what was the best year of your father's life, because they seem to freeze that style and ride it out." - Jerry Seinfeld

Father's Day: a day where we celebrate all the men we call Daddio, Papa, or the crazy name you came up with when you were a baby and it stuck. A treat is deserved for the man of the hour. Like Jerry says, sometimes Dad's style gets stuck in the best year of his life, which really is when you came around. We've met many a Dad in the store, and helped many a wife and child find a gift for him. So for this year we've created a Father's Day gift guide, from the new ones to the veterans, for a little inspiration. 

For the New Dad

It's the inaugural one - it's the awesome guy in your life's first Father's day. He can't stop showing off his newfound love, so what better than making them match in style. One of our favourite brands, Pact Clothing, makes it easy to do that. With matching 100% organic cotton onesies and boxer briefs, you are bound to here a squeal from both the little and the big guy.

For the Active Dad

Does your Dad never sit still, would rather throw a baseball than watch a game, and maybe still rocks a sweatband? Well if you want to get him in to fashion fitting of his lifestyle, Oom Ethikwear is the perfect match. These organic cotton printed tees are all about the active life. This season they've featured on their tees biking and hiking (hey look, we're poets!). So freshen up Dad's tearaways and New Balance runners with a wicked tee.

For the Dad Uniform 

Just like Jerry Seinfeld, dads often end up rocking a signature style, fitting of the awesome year you came into their life. So why not shake it up a little and show him all the different ways he can rock his legendary style? 

In the photo below is a staple Dad wardrobe: short-sleeve button down, v-neck tee, and shorts.  We've featured United By Blue's signature v-neck tee paired with Prana's Plaid shirt and United by Blue's Walker shirt. All the shirts are a blend of recycled polyesters and organic cottons, meaning Dad can stay cool in the summer (when really, he's always cool). For shorts, we're featuring Prana's Furrow short which dad will love the fact he can get it in two different colours. 

Now that you're full to the brim with ideas, we'd love to help you complete the look for the coolest dude you know. We hope you and your family enjoy the warmer weather and the sunshine together this Father's Day. 

- The Grey Rock Team