Wedding Season Inspiration at Grey Rock

We certainly hear them, loud and clear: It's time to plan your wedding outfit.

For some, wedding season is an exciting time. A time of love, witnessing some good(and downright awful) toasts, and dancing like it's 1999. Good times like these also means the perfect outfit. Whether you're jamming in the backyard or thinking you're reliving my Big Fat Greek Wedding, finding that outfit that fits the occasion is key. So, after the last few weekends of dressing you beautiful people for weddings, we thought we'd spread some inspiration for the season. 

To give some ideas, we've focused on three kinds of weddings we've been dressing people for: Backyard, Church-to-Club, and Retro


Backyard weddings call for some formality while still looking like you could pick up the ukulele and jam by a bonfire. With the blend of nature and a more casual environment, we chose Pact's Black Maxi Dress. This organic, fair trade maxi is a classic black dress with a slit in the back. This keeps the look a bit more casual, while staying classic being a black dress. For some flare, we added Toad & Co's mint infinity scarf and Mata Trader's Amulet necklace. We recommend your favourite Birkenstock, sandals, or flats for footwear. 


One of the most popular wedding options, going from the church to the club, whether it's the country or Italian, can be a challenging wardrobe selection. Wanting to keep it conservative for the church, while still being able to dance it up on the dance floor later calls for a specific look. For this, we chose Toad & Co's Whirlwind Dress.The just above-the-knee asymmetrical keeps the look youthful but provides modest coverage. In case it gets chilly, we paired the dress with one of our Artisan's of Angkor silk scarves. The scarf provides further coverage, especially in chilly venues, while adding flare with its texture and colour. We kept the jewelry simple with our Mata Trader's diamond studs and cuff. 


So you have that quirky friend who decided to have a retro-themed wedding. Whether it's the 50s, 60s, or even 90s grunge, we've heard from you about how themed vintage weddings can be a challenge. A brand we love for anything retro is Mata Traders, a fair-trade female artisan's cooperative based in India and Nepal. The artisans excel at modern takes on retro influences. Called the Book Club Dress, this little number hugs the curves, while providing a subtle slit up the side for flair. Plus being made of 100% cotton means you'll be able to do the Charleston and the running man without worrying about the sweat. To dress it up, we paired it with our rose Artisan of Angkor scarf for a dressier occasion. 

So for those of you still feeling stuck in the what-do-I-wear phase of planning for wedding season, we hope this might have sparked your imagination. As always, we love to help you find the perfect outfit, and have still an array of options we just couldn't fit in the time to feature in this little world of blogging. We look forward to helping you tackle the task and come out looking like the goddess you are.

- The Grey Rock Team