Your Long Weekend Wardrobe

In the words of Lenny Kravitz, "I Want to Get Away..." No really, don't we all? 

It's crazy to think it folks (especially with Snow on a Sunday), but Victoria Day Weekend is a week away. The time to start the packing, consider which sunscreen has the best UV protection, and most importantly, get ready for the relaxation. It's also the time when you pull out the summer pieces; ones you haven't seen for months. You've got your staples, but with the images of beaches (or cottages or pine trees) dancing in your head, you can't help but think of switching it up. And to be honest, we at Grey Rock feel that itching too. So to help you, we've packed your suitcase with some inspiration. 

When we were thinking about the themes of the long weekend, three came to mind: beaches, bonfires, and barbecues. What could be more quintessentially Canadian than fries on the beach, a bonfire in the bush, and a good hot dog (or tofu dog) on the barbecue? So with those themes, we came up with some ideas of what to wear, for both the fellas and the ladies. 


So you've lathered on your sunscreen and are off to Guelph Lake. Beach wear means comfy pieces that provide coverage and style. For the guys, Toad & Co's Embarko Short-Sleeve polo paired with Prana's Furrow Short is perfection. With the polo made of organic cotton, and the shorts made of hemp, this outfit breathes through the heat. For the ladies, we paired Toad & Co's sunhat and mint scarf with their linen skirt and Patagonia's Sea Tank. Like the men's, the airy flow of the linen with the coverage of the hat and scarf makes for a perfect outfit that won't leave you burnt, but still set for a dinner out on a patio.  


So the day at the beach is over and now it's time to mow down on some grilled peaches (if you haven't tried them, you must) and hamburgers. Dinner time calls for a dressier number, but one that won't stop you from a good game of boccie. For the ladies, this Mata Trader's Embroidered Shapes dress adds a bit of funk with the unique stitching detail, while the fit and flare allows for easy movement. For the men, United By Blue's Walker Short-Sleeve Button Down offers flare with its unique prism pattern, while the Patagonia All-Wear Shorts are designed to prove to your brother you are the ultimate boccie champion. 

P.S. Want to also be the star and make the healthiest pasta salad anyone has ever devoured? Come grab a Lucky Iron Fish when you pick up your outfits. These little fishes offer up to 90% of your daily iron intake.  


Now that the day has winded down, it's time to grab a Welly and sit by the bonfire. Although any good fire keeps you warm and toasty like a s'more, layers and thicker pieces are wise to stay comfortable, and not bug bitten. For the men, United by Blue's Samson Plaid Long Sleeve Button Down and Prana's Table Rock Chino will provide the coverage and comfort, while the 100% organic cotton will keep you from sweating. For the ladies, Indigenous' Netted Raglan Pullover with Yoga Jean's Boyfriend Jean, and a Toad & Co scarf will keep you protected but looking like you belong in a Ontario Getaway ad. 

So with all this inspiration, we look forward to hearing about your plans and seeing you soon! Maybe you'll inspire our plans (we're pretty dull around here lately... aside from Beth, who is just living it up!) to do something fun. 

- The Grey Rock Team