Fashion Revolution: Tools for Change

So we've heard you loud and clear: you want to have a sweatshop-free lifestyle. But how? 

You've been coming in, chatting with us, picking up so new wears for the season, and have decided you want to take it a step further. Well, we're happy to say you're not the only one. Since we've opened, we've had many of you asking us how we lead a sweatshop-free lifestyle. We're certainly not perfect, but we've picked up some tools along the way. So recently, we decided what better way to close off our Fashion Revolution series than to give you some tools we've found over the years. From celebs and movies to journalists and apps, we hope you can start using some of these tools to change the way you purchase. We're pretty excited to spread the love, and want you to tell us how it goes.


Stella McCartney - Aside from being the daughter of Paul McCartney, Stella has been revolutionizing the fashion industry with her progressive views on how to produce mainstream, on-trend fashion. The first vegetarian luxury brand, Stella is now seen as an expert on how to transform the fashion industry away from fast fashion. She has been featured in the True Cost movie, as well as other fashion magazines for her work. We definitely think she is someone to keep our eye on for leading the change. 


Lucy Siegle - As a journalist for The Guardian, Lucy Siegle is considered an expert in reporting and informing her readers on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. From an eco-guide on what guitars are best to purchase to fair-trade phones, Lucy provides a wealth of knowledge on how to lead a more sweatshop-free lifestyle. 


The True Cost Movie - Available on Netflix, directed by the talented Andrew Morgan (After the End, Here and Now), the film takes its audience through the social and environmental consequences of fast fashion. This is our go-to recommendation for anyone that is interested in learning more about fast fashion and its consequences. 


Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline - For our lovers of a good book, Overdressed examines the costs of low priced clothing through  the author's own transformation to a conscientious shopper. This journey takes her to garment factories and looking at local garment industries. We recommend this book for anyone that loves the True Cost, but wants to dive deeper into the topic and read a first-hand account of someone changing to a sustainable lifestyle. 


Avoid - As a chrome/safari plug-in, Avoid helps consumers avoid products that have the possibility of being made by minors. When you go on popular clothing sites like ASOS and Yoox, the plug-in vanishes any product that has the potential of being made by minors. This means you're able to filter your online purchases more easily and more ethically. 

Green Globe - For our traveler that struggles to find ethical options, Green Globe is a free android/iPhone app that helps you find sustainable travelling options. From hotels to cruise lines, Green Globe provides detailed information on a variety of options around the world, including reviews of the quality. 

Slavery Footprint - As many people now know, slavery is more globalized industry than ever before. From sex trafficking to sweatshops like the Rana Plaza, as consumers today, we rely more on slavery to produce our goods and services than at any in point previous history. Slavery Footprint is an online survey that helps you calculate the amount of slaves you need to sustain your lifestyle. Afterwards there is a call for action, where you can petition and find resources to change how companies use slavery. 

Eco-Age- This website is ideal for someone who is interested in learning about a leader in the online marketing world around sweatshop-free businesses. Created by UN Leader for Change and Oxfam Global Ambassador Livia Firth, Eco-Age is a brand consultancy firm that helps sustainable businesses grow their outreach to new customers. Through tailored solution, Livia and team bring to the mainstream sweatshop-free businesses through a mixture of glamour and ethics. Livia was featured for her work in the True Cost Movie.