Fashion Revolution: United By Blue


This week for your Fashion Revolution education, it's time to learn from one of the leaders. We know many of you have been in love with United By Blue for awhile now. Whether you're wearing their men's staple cycle tee, or rocking their new women's chambray pant, we love seeing you be a revolutionary by wearing their clothes. But with every great brand, there is an even better story behind them. So today, for your education, we thought we'd share more behind United By Blue with you. 

*psssst, I'll let you in on a secret: photos below also contain other awesome brands Mata Traders and Yoga Jeans. You can see more UBB and other brands on our instagram.*

In 2010, United By Blue came to life in the urban streets of Philadelphia. Wanting to offer an urban outdoors line to their local brothers and sisters, United By Blue tailors its clothing to be versatile, durable, and stylish. For them, this means having all the clothing made in the USA and out of organic materials. This comes from their belief that all things are united by the life water provides, and should be able to last and withstand time like our oceans and waterways do.

A fellow B Corporation, United By Blue believes sales of each product should have a coinciding concrete environmental action. With their love for water, the company removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for each product purchased. The trash is removed through company organized and hosted cleanups. So far, United By Blue has removed 266, 077 pounds of trash.

It can't get more revolutionary than that. So if this month after reading about Fast Fashion you're looking for an alternative, a company that offers the best of both sweatshop-free and style, come check out United By Blue in store.