Love Yourself

Love Yourself

More than most months, February is filled with love. You see it in store windows, in cheesy cards, and in those perfect chocolates. But instead of celebrating relationships with others, why not celebrate the loving relationship you have with yourself? You deserve it! 

So this month, as you're browsing downtown for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, we've got a little task for you. Come over and leave us a note on our store window about what you love about yourself. Maybe it's your eyes, your crazy bed head, your wicked air guitar skills, or your smile (it could even be all of those things... who's counting?). With what you share, we want to spread the idea of getting people to share more about what makes them unique, awesome, just the coolest cat in town. Let's get everyone sharing what they love about their awesome self. By doing so, Guelph is a better place. 

To inspire you this month to come tell us, we'll be featuring blogs on some awesome folks that we think show us all well how to love ourselves. You'll meet a quirky writer inspired to spread dreaming big with kids around the world, a blogger who loves her curves and creativity, and a nutritionist who loves being healthy and sharing it with everyone. 

Since we set up the window last week, dozens of notes have been left already! To inspire you to come share with us, here are a few so far. We're excited to see what we learn about all of you and have you share with the world what you love. 

- The Grey Rock Team