Dream Big With Jorey

We're all for big dreams here at Grey Rock. Whether it's dreaming up the next season's fashion, or better yet, how to change the world, we get the drive that comes with vision. Over the years, we've known someone who's like that, too. My dear friend, Jorey, is living out his dream. Recently, he has embarked on an indiegogo campaign to fund Dream Big: a children's book series. Fitting with our theme this month of loving yourself, we think Jorey's dream and goals are a perfect example of putting loving yourself into action to inspire others. So far Jorey has raised $11, 590 towards his $15, 000 goal. Here's Jorey to tell you a little bit more about it:

I am Jorey Tessier, the author of Dream BIG: Chapter ONE.  Throughout the last two years I've done a lot of self work which led to the journey of writing a series of children's books.  This story came out of conversations I have had with people who kept telling me "I wish I knew what I know now at your age".  It really got me thinking.  I thought to myself "what if there's a way to educate children to believe in themselves" and "could you imagine how confident they would be"?  This is when Dream BIG was made into a story!

2015 was a stepping stone in the creative process.  I acquired an artist, and editor, and a self publishing company that is a great fit.

It's now 2016 and time to make Dream BIG: Chapter ONE a REALITY!