Weekday, Weeknight, Weekend


The experience of looking down and thinking to yourself mid-day "what am I wearing?!" in shock that you would let yourself leave the house in a particular shirt-pant combination is something we have all experienced at one point or another. Blame it on laundry day, impulsive purchases, in the moment judgement calls or just being busy - it happens to the best of us. Even us, who look closely at style all of the time. 

Here is our best suggestion to avoiding prints that just do not want to mix, pairs of pants that no shirt seems happy to pair with or that really colorful piece that has been in your closet for months and you've become determined to wear, even if it makes a poor first appearance.

Fill your closet with neutrals. This might seem basic, either like it's common-sense or boring, but the more we experience getting dressed in the morning with this in mind, the less we have those realizations that we haven't done ourselves justice with an outfit that just isn't what we hoped it would be.  We've put together three different outfits: for weekday, weeknight and weekend based around a pair of our Yoga High Rise Ankle Jeans in Taupe, to show you how summer style can still be a part of having a mostly neutral wardrobe. 

These Ankle Length Taupe Yoga Jeans have been our go-to bottom half for summer. They're a warm neutral colour, making them more summery then a black pant but not as seasonal as a lighter colored pair. We feel they can be interpreted as a modern khaki to wear to work or as contemporary and casual. They can also be worn into the early fall as their colour and length is transitional. 

This is our weekday look. It's professional enough for work and we've stayed within a structured colour palette that you can substitute pieces into. A black blazer cardigan and our jeans will create the same effect with almost any primarily black top - solid or patterned. A pop of white found in the stripes helps to subtlety brighten your upper half. Stick to neutral colored tonal jewelry or metal and wood pieces for understated accessories that add to this outfit's overall put together feel.

This is our weeknight look. It's dressy enough for a casual dinner date  and easy enough to run errands in. We consider navy in this simple tank top shape to be a neutral, it's a blank canvas for you to add your personal taste to. A scarf is a step away from a necklace, allowing you to involve more print and pattern into an otherwise solid outfit. Try to carry colours through your outfit as much as possible without having everything match exactly. Our scarf has a bit of blue in the same hue as our shirt. We have also chosen a belt that picks up on one of the colours in our scarf, but this can be achieved through coordinating other elements such as your shoes or bag as well. You can shop this tank top now, new to our online store.

This is our weekend look. It's casual and up for just about anything but avoids looking too relaxed that it is uncoordinated. Again we've created a colour palette that will create the same effect with any white top with some interest on it such as these graphic designs or woven details. A denim jacket is a basic that can look well styled when worn with jeans, this works best when the jeans are a colour other than blue and have a similar density of colour (one is not more washed out). 

All of the pieces used in this post are available through our brick and mortar location, select items are available online. Please contact us if you see something that you love but it's not on our website! We can mail it to you.