A Blog Post From A Cherished Customer

Here at Grey Rock we love our customers, and especially how we can make an impact on their lives. One of our favourite regulars, Tasha Kravchenko, has taken the time to write a blog post about Downtown Guelph, and her passion for shopping local. We thought it was so great we wanted to share it with you.

The self appointed Downtown Guelph Queen takes her wardrobe by storm 

Who doesn't love Downtown Guelph?  We're so lucky to have such unique clothing stores downtown such as Grey Rock Clothing Co., IF Footwear Boutique, Millennium, Coriander, La Bottega, Pod, and Vicanies. As well as fantastic jewelry stores Like Zimochod and Knarr. 

Grey Rock and I have worked together to come up with these shots. Everything in them is purchased in Downtown Guelph. And believe me folks, I think I look fantastic and so do lots of other people, so shop Downtown Guelph. You will find the unique things you are looking for.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I might be one of the best dressed ladies in Guelph, which isn't hard with the help of these great stores. Clothes, they really do make a woman stand out. (And who doesn't like to stand out?)

                               And now for the outfits:                          

 Outfit 1: Blue Dress: Millennium, Coat and Belt: Grey Rock, Hat: Coriander, Purple Necklace: Zimochod, Green necklace: Millennium, Boots: IF

  Outfit 2: Green Dress, scarf and Belt: Grey Rock, Green necklace: Millennium, Boots: IF, Jacket: Blush

Outfit 3: Black Jacket, scarf and Belt: Grey Rock,  Green necklace: Millennium, Boots: IF, Skirt: La Bottega, Shirt: Pod

 Outfit 4: Dress, pants and Belt: Grey Rock, Green necklace: Millennium, Bag and Boots: IF

I literally can't get enough of Downtown Guelph. I do my hair and make-up at Acqua and get my art framed at Wyndham Art Supplies (The lady in this department really knows her stuff http://www.wyndhamartsupplies.com). I even bought my most recent duvet and bed set at Guildcraft (http://www.duvet-pillow.com/), a one of a kind, and it is like sleeping in Heaven!

Stores Featured in this shoot:

Grey Rock- http://www.greyrockclothingco.com, IF Footwear Boutique- http://iffootwear.com/, Millennium Clothing Company - http://on.fb.me/1tRSEej, La Bottega- http://www.labottegamoda.ca/,                    Pod- https://www.facebook.com/podinelora,  Zimochod- http://www.zimochodjewellers.com/, Knarr-http://www.knar.com/locations/guelph, Coriander- http://www.shopcoriander.com/, Vicanies- http://vicanies.com/, Make-Up and Hair by Acqua- http://www.acquasalon.com/ (Aveda- It is worth it!),