Organic Cotton Underwear Just Got More Fun!

Buying underwear just got more fun! At Grey Rock we pride ourselves on selling the best of the best in everything, especially underwear. And it’s not just any underwear, but organic cotton underwear. We sell the softest and most fun coloured organic cotton underwear you’ll ever find, plus you’ll be changing the world one purchase at the time!

Where it all started.

PACT (who manufactures our underwear) was created by co-founder Jeff Denby who wanted to turn the bad into the good. He spent many years working in an international manufacturing business with questionable working conditions and environmental policies and from here his idea for PACT was born.

Where does my underwear come from?

Their process begins with the planting of non-gmo (non-genetically modified organism) cotton seeds in both Turkey and India. The hand picked cotton is grown without chemicals, being certified organic, and the cotton is grown and harvested by farmer-run co-operatives. An allowance is paid on the organic cotton to help grow and sustain healthy communities for the farmers and their families. This ensures the best organic cotton underwear for you and safe communities for the suppliers.

Sweatshop-free and eco-friendly.

As if that wasn’t enough, PACT powers its factories with renewable resources, taking the form of wind powered factories and the use of high efficiency machinery. They also use eco-friendly packaging made from a combination of recycled paper and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) controlled wood sources, reducing their environmental footprint. Also every factory in their supply chain is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Stranded) certified – which is the highest environmental and social standard in apparel creation.

One of our favourite things about PACT is that they’re sweatshop-free. PACT’s organic cotton underwear, along with their other garments are sewn in clean and safe factories where workers are treated well and paid a living wage.

When you purchase their organic cotton underwear you’re taking a step towards changing the world by changing your underwear.