Fair Trade Jewelry: From India to Guelph

Buying cute fair trade jewellery just got easier with Mata Traders. They provide what we think is the best handmade, fair trade jewellery around.

How it all Started

Mata was created in 2003 when Maureen, Michelle and Joni, 3 college friends spent 4 months travelling India where the idea for Mata was born. Maureen began the company on her own but as her company of fair trade jewellery and clothing blossomed she was joined by her friends Michelle and Joni. As she went yearly for her buying trips Maureen became more aware of the poverty that exists in India. This lead to her creating a company that aims to achieve workplace equality in a country as socially diverse India. This coupled with their mission to work with organizations that educate,employ and empower women has made them a truly inspiring fair trade jewellery company.

The Ethical ways of Mata

By making their fair trade jewellery in India they’re creating employment for economically disadvantaged women. Having a sustainable job greatly increases the level of independence these women have.  If women are not able to leave the domestic responsibilities of their homes Mata makes arrangements for them to work from home. Allowing them the increased independence of a job, while maintaining their home duties.

At home and in their communal work space Mata enforces strict health and safety standards. Their goal  is to ensure their entire jewellery and clothes making process is non-exploitive, from bead and fabric production to the final products. 

Providing sustainable employment for the women is their obvious goal. However, they also aim to ensure the health, safety and empowerment of their members.

They do this by ensuring the workers in their co-op have access to medical services by paying into the government health insurance plan on behalf of the workers. Without this many of their employees would not have access to basic medical care.

To broaden the women’s horizons the co-operative provides information sessions on topics such as domestic violence, parenting, contraception, nutrition, hygiene, seasonal health issues, HIV/AIDS and business ownership.

Mata is making a real difference in the lives of these women. Buy purchasing their fair trade jewellery you can help them change the lives of even more women.

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