Black Is The New Black

Black clothing seems to play a different role in everyone’s wardrobe. There seems to be three types of people when it comes to wearing and buying black clothes. If you’re like me, your closet consists of about 98% black items, and that can be perfectly ok. I know I look great in black and have learned to use that to my advantage. But to avoid a drab look, there have been a few tricks I’ve picked up. This will be a blog stating the 3 categories black wearers fall into.


I fall into the first category of people when it comes to black clothing, those who love and embrace it. This means almost everything they own will mix and match together. Something to keep in mind when pairing different black items is that using different textures is a great way to add interest. It also makes it easier to wear black pieces together that aren’t exactly the same black, the varied textures makes that much less noticeable. My advice to this person is to push past your boundaries slightly, dip your toe in the sea of colour. Start adding pops of colour to outfits. One of my favourite outfits consists of black jeans, and a black tee. But I add a bright yellow statement necklace, or a pair of cobalt blue heels. Just that small pop of colour can really bring life into an all black ensemble. Now if that still seems like too much to you, then I suggest adding greys and navy to your closet. They are still dark enough to make you comfortable, but just enough to bring you out of your comfort zone. They can also tone down the bright accessories you might find to be too bright with black. Grey in particular is great for toning down brighter colours.

Grey Blazer

The second type is the person who actually loves black clothing, but won't buy it because they feel they won't get enough wear from a predominantly black closet. These people tend to buy lots of colour, thinking the brighter, the better. They don't want to look boring, or have the thought that all black = goth. My best advice for you is to anchor some of those colours with black, or any other neutral. Sometimes too much colour is just that, too much colour. Your best bet is to break up your outfit with some great neutral items. Wear your pink top with a pair of black jeans, or your yellow pants with a white top. Colour and neutrals are best friends.

Floral Blazer

Our third type, like our second type, owns a lot of black. The only difference is they are in denial. My advice to you is the same as to our second, but I want to add this. Embrace it! Wearing all black is not a bad thing! And you should add those pops of colour or bring some other neutrals in, maybe that will help you move past denial, and into loving what you own.

Blue Necklace

As that is what this is all about, loving what you own, and getting the most most out of your closet! It is so easy to take a basic outfit, and turn it into something fabulous. Accessories are the best place to add pops of colour, or pops of black. Just learn to embrace what you have. And to end this off, my advice to everyone is that confidence is the best accessory, no matter what you’re wearing, if you feel confident, you're going to look great!