Secret Santa Guelph at Grey Rock

Grey Rock Clothing Co. is so proud to be sponsoring Secret Santa Guelph this year and supporting the lunch program at Brant Avenue Public School. This program makes a real difference in the lives of the kids who it supports. Making positive change in people’s lives is one of the core values at Grey Rock.

They work to make positive change in the world by selling stylish and sweatshop-free clothing for men, women and now babies in downtown Guelph.

So now that you’ve just found out who your Secret Santa is, all you need to do is get them a stellar gift. If your Secret Santa is into things that are ethical and stylish Grey Rock Clothing Co. has you covered.


Here are their top gifts under $15:

scarves and nail polish

Hand loomed scarves from Ecuador, available in an assortment of colours. Chemical free nail polish, base coat, top coat and nail polish remover.


cards and jewelry

Greeting cards made by a local artist featuring pictures in and around Guelph. Various pieces of jewelry handmade in India, Ecuador and Bangladesh.



Socks, socks and more socks (mainly of the fun and organic variety).


Baby Socks

Just when you thought their socks couldn’t get any cuter, they bring out these adorable baby socks.  


Baby Clothes

And to go with those baby socks they have some of the cutest baby stuff you’ve ever seen.

Everything at Grey Rock is sweatshop-free, which means it has a great story behind it about how and where it was made. To help you tell that story, you’ll get a card which explains the company’s story, to give with every gift you purchase.