Trends Magazine - Royal City Renaissance

Trends Magazine's July-December issue just came out, and there is a substantial article regarding Guelph, and specifically Quebec Street, included in this issue. To hear about some of your favourite downtown businesses (including us!) as well as issues regarding Guelph's local economy, check out the article included below!

Conscious Step

 Conscious Step socks.

Fantastic news for our customers who like comfy feet, making a difference, and wearing fun socks! We now carry Conscious Step socks! When you purchase a pair of Conscious Step socks, you can feel good knowing that your socks are vegan, organic, and Fair Trade Certified. Even more exciting, for each pair of socks purchased, a donation is made to a non-profit organization. Your choice of sock determines where that donation goes directly! Purchase socks that protect the ocean, that fight poverty, that gives books to children, that fight malaria, and more!

 Conscious Step. Ordinary Purchase, Extraordinary Purpose. Step Counter.

To learn more about Conscious Step and the impact you can make with your purchase, ask in store or visit here.

Brave Brown Bags now in store!


We are thrilled to welcome The Brave Brown Bag to the Grey Rock collection!

The bags are created locally, right in Cambridge. Old-fashioned craftsmanship wedded with unusual textiles and innovative production techniques make the Brave Brown Bag a unique, fascinating, and timeless addition. These purses / carryalls (made from cotton) are formed by hand, treated with an oil and wax glaze and then reinforced with mylar/Kevlar tape to make them strong and durable. 

Brave Brown Bag Logo.png

We have three different sizes in stock, in a variety of patterns.  I'm still trying to decide which one to add to my collection...come check them out!