Loyalty Rewards

Two years ago today, I bought Grey Rock Clothing Co. It has been an amazing couple years filled with learnings, new relationships and personal growth. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, words of encouragement and chance to get to know you.

Grey Rock Loyalty Rewards Launch Image.jpg

You offer us incredible loyalty every time you shop at Grey Rock and we want to return the favour. Now you can earn rewards and discounts every time you shop with us! You will earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Grey Rock, and these points can be redeemed for rewards from Grey Rock Clothing Co., Play with Clay, Cupanion, Miijidaa, The Truth Beauty Company, and LoYoBo Fit! Shopping has never been so rewarding!

Check out our Loyalty page to learn more about how you can points, how to redeem them, and about all the amazing rewards you can get!

How to Grow a $5,000 T-Shirt in Only 3 Years

The classic tee is a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. Everyone has at least one, they’re easy to wear, and tend to be one of the most affordable items in your closet. At Grey Rock, we carry t-shirts from several of our suppliers, with the average cost to our customer hitting around $40. We often hear “$40 for a t-shirt? No way!” or variations thereof. It opens a discussion about the resources and labour that go into each and every shirt, and the associated costs. Someone, somewhere created the design for your favourite t-shirt, worked to grow the crop and harvest the fibre or dyes, cut and sewed the fabric to the appropriate dimensions and with quality craftsmanship, and transported the final product to a location convenient to you so you could find this now favourite tee and bring it home. Every person along this chain deserves fair wages and safe working conditions, which means that your t-shirt might cost a bit more than it would have otherwise.

The team behind the How To Make Everything YouTube channel decided that they wanted to find out what it would take to DIY a t-shirt; from growing the cotton & dyes, to weaving the yarn into fabric, to designing, cutting, sewing, dying and printing. Spoiler alert: it took them over 3 years and $5000 to do so! Check out their video and learn about the labour that goes into your t-shirts!

Canada bi Iraqi

Meet Ali! He is Iraqi but has been living in Canada for about a year now. A few months ago he popped by the store and got to know us a little bit and learned about Grey Rock and Grey Rock’s mission to offer ethical and sustainable clothing. Since then he has started a platform, Canada bi Iraqi, in an effort to bridge the gap between Iraqi and Canadian culture. In doing so, Ali is creating a number of videos about various Canadian businesses and people as an introduction to Canada for Iraqi people! Grey Rock was privileged enough to be included in his showcase! Check out Ali’s awesome video tour and interview with Morgan at the store!

If you’re interested in Ali’s work and Canada bi Iraqi, check out his Facebook page here!