Sweatshop-free and Ethical Clothing Store


We believe some choices are so simple there’s only one right answer. The choice to buy ethical clothing that wasn’t made in a sweatshop should be one of them. However the reality is that ethical clothing is difficult to find. Industry analysts predict that 80% of clothes in North America are made in a sweatshop. The evidence of exploitation of garment workers and the environment is overwhelming.

Our vision to provide a one-stop shop for sweatshop-free and organic clothing has finally come to life. We opened up our downtown Guelph location in August 2012 and are working on growing our online store in 2015. We know that collectively, we can change the world if we all put our wallets where our hearts lie.

To us that means ethical and fair trade working conditions for the entire supply chain of workers, great fabrics, organic cottons, and amazing, hip and fashionable designs. We stock everything that the socially and environmentally conscious customer is looking for from fantastic organic underwear made within a 100 mile radius in Turkey, Organic and free range alpaca sweaters from Peru, fair trade jewellery from all over the world.

We have spent a great deal of time researching and analyzing our suppliers and the global clothing market. This has led us to believe that the power lies with the customer and the responsibility lies with us, the supplier, to ensure we contribute positively to the clothing industry.

We hope you enjoy our carefully curated collection of men’s and women’s unique and stylish sweatshop-free, ethical clothing.

-Beth Timlin & Joel Pennington