Stop looking at a full closet and  feeling like you have nothing to wear.

What is a style consultation?

At a style consultation you’ll learn to develop your personal style with pieces that fit your body shape, colouring, lifestyle and personality. We begin by identifying your body shape. This will guide us in choosing clothes to flatter you. Then, we’ll help you evaluate the pieces you already own and recommend new pieces that will further your wardrobe even more. We believe that by giving you the tools to choose your future clothes wisely, it allows you to buy fewer, but more versatile items that go together to create more outfits. After your style consultation, you’ll receive pictures of yourself in key pieces and outfits that work for you, along with comments on why each piece does so. You’ll also go home with a full package of information that will help you make better style decisions.

Why should I have a style consultation?

We will help you discover your unique beauty and understand what types of pieces work best for your shape and colouring. This will help you will avoid buying things you end up never wearing and try new things you may have dismissed in the past that would actually look great on you. You’ll learn how to style pieces in multiple ways, helping you avoid staring at a full closet yet feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Who is a style consultation for?

Style consultations are for people who have decided that they would like to look and feel fabulous. We do consults for both women and men in various stages of life. Getting a style consultation is particularly useful if you are beginning a new phase of life, are looking for an outfit for a particular event, or are interested in dramatically improving your appearance easily.

How do I arrange for a style consultation?

Style consults take about one and a half hours. We do them in our store and we ask that you contact us ahead of time to book your appointment so we can make sure you have the store to yourself. We will get you to fill out some information and send us a few pictures of yourself in tight, form-fitting clothing ahead of time so that we can start thinking about your style and shape. An hour and a half long style consultation costs $75.

What do people think about our style consults?

Gary: Beth organized an impressive selection of clothing that matched my sense of style. She provided patient & honest feedback. This was a collaborative relaxed no pressure style consult which exceeded my expectations. It was my first and by no means my last consult with Beth. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a unique & personal approach to expanding & improving your wardrobe.                      

Aynsely: This was a wonderful experience! Beth listened to my needs & concerns about my wardrobe, then gave me personalized advice on how to dress to make me look great. I now feel like my wardrobe works for me again. I’ve found new ways to wear old clothes & bought a couple of new items to help me achieve my new & improved look. The consultation was more than worth it!  

Christine: As a transgender person, it’s often a challenge to find clothes that make the most of what I have. Spotting an article of clothing you love only to realize it looks terrible on you is an experience I suppose everyone shares occasionally, but can be even more common for a trans person. The style consultation really helped me understand what styles, fabrics & colours work best, not only for my body shape, but also my tastes & personal style. It was a goldmine of great style ideas, some of which might never have occurred to me without Beth’s input. But more than that, it was also a lot of fun!